It’s Never Too Late to Rewrite Your Story!


From Incarceration to a Degree in Psychology, Tressa Mitchener’s Journey of Redemption will Inspire Your Audience.

About the Author

Tressa Mitchener is a well-respected Psychological and Christian Counselor, Certified Life Coach, Bestselling Author, and a Transformational Speaker. Rising from the ashes, this phoenix has an incredible story of life-changing hope and offers a completely unique perspective on possibility and renewed expectation. Tressa gives audiences the tools to transcend chaotic situations and to create a life of freedom and happiness.  Tressa’s mission is to educate and empower others to no longer be held back by circumstances and limiting beliefs.

Within the past few years, she founded Revamp Novelties: Tressa Mitchener Inc.  As the CEO of her philanthropic company, Tressa is fully dedicated to helping others gain an understanding of their own creative abilities to reach their potential and purpose and create a truly abundant life.  Tressa’s book, Looking Out From the Inside, The United States VS Tressa Olivia Parker, is available on,



Story Ideas

      • Looking Out from the Inside- From Incarceration to the Path of Freedom, My Incredible Journey
      • My Psalm 23 Prison Survival Mantra- Creating My Transformational Path
      • Stop Those Limiting Beliefs, Real-Life Tools to Help You Reach Your Potential and Purpose
      • It’s Never Too Late to Turn It All Around- 3 Words that Can Change Your Destiny
      • You Can Never Outgive God- Learn the Application of Generosity
      • The Genuine Transformation- The Spiritual Life-Journey of Renewal
      • The Real Path to Contentment is Something You Just Can’t Buy!  Believe and Receive
      • Invest In Yourself to Create the Attitude of Gratitude. Thankfulness Opens Every Door
      • From Selling Drugs to a Degree in Psychology- From Impossible to Possibility



Tressa is an engaging, articulate interview with an incredible story of hope.

Availability: Raleigh NC, or nationwide by Zoom.

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